I. Contact us: The only official ways to contact Killer Quake are these:  

 Whatsapp: 9997-40-28-50  

In order to make the shipping process faster, Killer Quake contacts with every client via email and WhatsApp message. IMPORTANT please read section XI regarding this. 

II. Sells: We’re an online store and handle our business exclusively through electronic sales and regular mail shippings.

III. Products: Each product has its own distinct features, so please make sure to check them out before buying. In the case of t-shirts or other garments, different models usually come in different sizes. Most of them will look great on you because of how good looking you are <3 but there is one particular size that will look even better than all of the others, and knowing the right measurements will help you bring the best out in your look.

IV: Pre-sales: If you add to your order any product that is currently in pre-sale status, it will be shipped as soon as it becomes available for sale (the exact date will be listed in the item’s details).

V. Out-of-stock products or sizes: Our goods are produced in very limited quantities and most of them won’t be available again after their run. However, we love our clients and if there’s something that you really, really, want and isn’t available anymore, you can contact us HERE and we’ll see if we can help you somehow.

VI. Returns: If any of our products arrives damaged or is different from what you ordered on our website, please contact us immediately so we can make it up to you. If the product isn’t damaged or different from what you ordered, but  for whatever reason you are just not completely satisfied with it, it’s ok! You can also return it in exchange for any other item of the same value from our catalog, as long as:
1. The product that you want is available and in stock.
2. You cover the shipping costs for returning the old item and sending the new one.

VII. Payment methods: 

Bank deposit: 

 Credit/debit card:

*All orders placed via OXXO, wire-transfer or bank deposit allow for a 24 hour period to be paid for, or will be automatically cancelled. 
**Once you make the deposit or wire-transfer, please send us a photo or screen capture of the transaction to contacto@killerquake.com.mx making sure to include the order ID number. This helps us to sort out your order as soon as possible.

VIII. National shipping, shipping rates & times:

A) Check shipping rates HERE.
If you’re not sure about the shipping rate for your order, you can contact us HERE to get a shipping quote. 
B) Once you get the shipping notice for your order, delivery time is usually between 1 and 7 work days.

Correos de México
A) Orders will only be shipped through certified mail. 
B) Check shipping rates HERE.
You can write to us HERE to get an exact shipping quote for any other shipping weight other than what’s specified here
C) Once you get the shipping notice for your order, delivery time is usually between 10 and 30 work days.

IX. Track your order: 
It is up to the buyer to track and monitor their order once it’s been shipped their way. In case Estafeta or Correos de México fail to deliver the order within the time frame agreed on, the buyer has 3 days to get in touch with us to sort out the situation. After that, we won’t be able to track back the parcel and it will be considered missing, and we won’t be able to provide a replacement ítem or give the money back to the buyer.

If you need any further information regarding the tracking of your orders, you can use these contact numbers:

01800 8413210
Correos de México
Phone: (55) 57297600 
Atención a la ciudadanía: 01 800 701 7000

X. Privacy and Data Protection: Any and all information and personal data our clients and followers provide via our website and social networks are 100% private and will NOT be shared with any third party under any circumstance. We despise companies that do such things, and will never do it to you.

XI. Questions: If you have any question regarding anything of what you’ve just read, or anything we didn’t cover here, please contact us HERE.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, so we encourage you to check them out from time to time.